Lacerta Technology Humidity Controller
The Lacerta Technology Humidity Controller is a unique and flexible solution to deliver an accurate relative humidity for multiple applications.

This unit is ideal where a small volume cell requires humidity control. Typical applications are thermal analysers such as DMA, DETA, TMA also rheometers, AFM systems, Contact Angle measurement systems etc.

Normally, air is pumped through a desiccant built into the instrument. A valve, controlled by the humidity sensor placed at the sample site, is used to divert some air flow through a water reservoir before being pumped through to the sample. This reservoir can be programmed to provide increasing humidity by increasing the water temperature in line with an increasing humidity demand. The humidity sensor, as indicted, is positioned in the target cell, adjacent to a sample under study. The sensor provides a feedback function to ensure that the humidity selected is the real humidity at the sample site.

This system provides unsurpassed performance within the physical constraints of study of humidity under atmospheric conditions.
  • Simple software operation through Excel
  • Easy tie in with other equipment
  • Unique "sample site" humidity feedback control
  • Easy portability with compact design
  • Heated transfer line to avoid condensation
Brief introduction to Humidity
Application notes
Packing list
  • Thermogravimetry
  • AFM
  • Spectroscopy
  • TMA
  • Rheometry
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